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Here it is - the new music drop schedule you didn’t know you needed to have on your radar - till now that is!

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Till then, here's a 30-second sound bite:

About Me

I've been a song-writer all my life; I just didn't know it. From humming a melody, whistling a riff to rhyming words.

Then one day, an opportunity came to join my mates band, as a drummer. Having conquered the air-drums, I progressed to pots and pans with sticks from a nearby by tree. However, that door closed as quickly as it opened. And yet, simultaneously, the band needed a bassist.

For many years I strummed those deep single lined notes and together, we chased that dream. And then, before we realised it, our lives had got in the way, and what we had achieved as a four-piece, was all we were going too.

I found myself once again humming and whistling when, I was gifted my first six-string guitar. Ever since, I've been puzzle piecing chords into shapes, notes into melodies and rhyme into lyrics.


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My Music

I guess my music falls into the alternative rock-pop genre. Not surprising when channelling musical influences such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Switchfoot and Train to name a few into my song-writing. Thread my love of a catchy 'riff' and the synth sounds of 1980's rock bands and you have Sion James Music.

Balanced with emotionally intelligent lyrics, I write songs that conjure feelings of nostalgia, of recaptured youth, of positivity, of love, and the inevitability of loss. For me, the 'gold dust' of my songs is to write from a place of vulnerability. Integrity in my song-writing means my songs are real, relevant and relatable.

A Sample of "She'll"


My Inspiration

To pay forward my gratitude and gift back to music what I have received from it. Let me explain.

Every life moment I've experienced has its own soundtrack; a collection of songs capable of reawakening emotions as if it were yesterday. And yet, music is more than a sensory snapshot. I am only to acutely aware music has a self-preservation quality about it, a magic, a power to it.

For me, songs are salvation. They have always found me when I've been in most need. Songs have located a strength and awoken an untapped resilience I didn’t know I had. Songs have allowed me to be heard, when words have often failed. Consequently, I have experienced the enormity of the power of music and how it can be a catalyst for good. Experiences that have triggered intense feelings of gratitude as the role music has played in supporting me through my darkest times.

It's not about fame or fortune. It about my music transcending to be crutch to someone.


Sion’s music is right up my street. As a huge fan of Matchbox Twenty, I can hear the similarities and style of Sion’s music. I then read about MB20 being one of his big influences and it just makes me loves his music even more so. It’s 100% on my playlist!

Simon Clark

His music is punchy, dangerously motif driven and emotive. His lyrics are brutal and yet sensitive.

Don Lennie, Silver Star Records

It’s guitar driven music layered with hooks, rifts and motifs that are reminiscent of 90’s but with a modern influence.

Thomas Cope (Guitar Coach) 

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